Dynamic Pile Testing Services

Strength in Numbers

Dynamic pile testing is a highly specialized field, and no-one is better placed in Australia than FSG to provide dynamic pile testing services. FSG operates 11 of the latest PAX model Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) units, and manage up to 15 units in collaboration with a number of our clients. We have 5 full-time testing engineers who can provide training, testing and Capwap analysis services – either on site or by remote login. Our engineers all have extensive previous practical experience in pile construction.

Technical Leadership

Our PDA testing services are led by Dr. Julian Seidel, who has over 30 years experience in PDA testing practice and research. He has lectured, and provided training workshops around the world, as well as developed an on-line training and certification program for PDA testers.


FSG’s testing and analysis is to the highest standard – only the latest 8-transducer equipment is used. We have our own calibration equipment to ensure that strain gauges meet ASTM standard requirements. Capwap analysis is always operated-controlled (not automatic) to ensure geotechnically credible answers of the highest reliability.

Big Picture Thinking

At FSG we are always looking at the big picture – do the results make sense? Do the tests paint a consistent picture? Can we develop simple and robust driving and acceptance recommendations? What are the project risks? How can we value-add to the project?

Integrated Service

FSG is not a testing company, its testing services are fully integrated into our design, consulting and construction advice services. We always aim for a best-for-project.