CAPWAP Analysis and Reporting

CAPWAP: Maximum Reliability.  Value Adding.

Capwap® is considered the benchmark method of analysis of dynamic pile testing results.  Capwap® analysis provides evaluations of pile capacity, the distribution of capacity along the pile shaft and at the pile toe, evaluation of pile stresses and prediction of the static load-movement response.

The analysis process is iterative and operator-dependent.  Although in general compression capacity estimates will vary in a small range, the interpreted resistance distribution may vary considerably – which can highly influence tension capacity estimates and design correlations.

FSG’s strong geotechnical design and construction expertise allows FSG to provide the highest level of Capwap® analysis.  FSG aims for maximum reliability and client value by applying the following principles:

  • Geotechnically credible solutions compared against local borehole information
  • A company-wide ban on automatic analysis based Capwap analysis
  • Continual site-wide reviews for modelling consistency based on sophisticated database capabilities
  • Over 30 years of experience and understanding of the benefits and limitations of Capwap analysis
  • Extrapolation of the results of Capwap analysis to provide acceptance criteria, design and construction advice
  • Utilizing the results of Capwap analyses to continually improve our driveability predictions and pile design services